Healdsburg day trip, new gardening endeavor, and more.

Hello food lovers, friends, + other internet people.

I’m back in action with some highlights on our bay area life, plus a little bit on fruit!

Over the past couple of weekends, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been crazy on my Instagram game, and there’s a good reason for it. Instagram is a true vessel for creative expression and it’s free! I’ve been spending some hard thought on what I want my brand to be, and I think I’m finally getting somewhere. I’ve always been in love with food (like seriously in love) and I’ve never really found a way to incorporate it into my life, other than the obvious dinner party & sharing with friends. Those closest to me know that my one life goal is to have a successful career, with food being the common theme.

Over the next couple of months I hope to bring more flare, color, Berkeley lifestyle, and food into my Instagram. Any thoughts, feedback, or suggestions are highly welcomed.

Thought I’d let you know why I’ve been an instagram-crazy lately 😉

Onto the food.


Living in the Bay Area is truly a blessing. We have a LEMON TREE in our back yard. #Blessed. I cannot tell you how amazing this has been. From homemade pasta dishes to dressings, and cocktails to desserts, living in one of the most fertile regions of the country has been unreal.

Before moving to the Bay, the organic food movement, was very very low on my list of priorities or disciplines to study. The reason, I don’t really know I guess. I’ve always been such an avid lover of food, but I guess I never really put the sourcing and economics of food to the forefront of my mind. However, since moving to the Bay a little over two years ago, I’ve been challenged to think outside of the box. Ryan and I live in a place where people use their front yards as garden space, rather than a useless lawn (for more on this, give me a call, there are so many useless side effects of Captialism/materialism, and ‘The lawn’ is one of them) People plant gardens at their children’s schools based on the seasonality, and use the harvest to feed the local community, one another, and as a source of income for the under privileged. My point here, sorry for taking the long way around, is that the actual anatomy and epistemology of food is common knowledge here. This has radicalized my process in the preparation, cooking, and serving of fresh and local produce. The culture has engulfed my life, way of thinking, and has altered my technique.

This weekend, Ryan and I made our way up to Healdsburg, CA (about 1.2 hours outside of the Bay area), and found ourselves at one of our favorite spots, The Shed.  They supply high quality, locally grown & sourced ingredients to a variety of lunch and dinner guests, as well as, a number of events. Their space is beautiful, features white-washed walls, and is always full of natural color from the fruits and veggies that fill the room.

From the beautiful yellowish tomatoes to the organic blueberries and strawberries, this day trip gave me the inspiration to create our own organic garden. We’ve got a raised bed in our backyard that is currently unused. Stay tuned for updates (most likely during the late fall months) to see what we yield!

Beauties from our trip to The Shed!




What type of food methods/techniques/sourcing, are you infatuated with? Have any of these differences made any change to the way you think about food?

Comment below! 

As always, thanks for reading. I love you all!